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Saha-2009 Short Procedure for Online Conference Meeting
94 Posts
February 26, 2008 - 11:50 pm

------ THIS IS ONLY DRAFT ---------


This short procedure is being prepared as a guide or controlling document in order to have a proper order during the Online Conference Meeting of Saha-2009, whenever it is scheduled and held.

In view of the above, Yahoo! Messenger (YM), is the most ideal web tool for online conference meeting because it has a complete facility available to make an online meeting smooth and efficient, i.e. exchange file, voice conversation, etc.

Procedures are the following:

  • Call for conference meeting shall be published at least one week before the scheduled meeting in order to have enough time and plan for all Saha-2009 members to attend the scheduled online conference meeting.

  • The Saha-2009 Chairman or Moderator who will initiate the online meeting must have an organized messenger contact address. (Please note that an electronic file of registered members of Saha Yahoo! Groups is linked here. This list (.csv file in excel format) can be imported to your Yahoo! Contact Address. See steps below how to import this list on your Yahoo! Contacts).

  • Before the start of conference meeting, chairman should give at least 15 minutes as allowances before proper discussion/deliberation begins.

  • The chairman or moderator must monitor according to his/her organized YM Contacts those members who are online and send an invitation to the incoming member to join the conference meeting.

  • The 2009 SA Grand Reunion Planning Guide must be observed, especially as to the timeline of Saha-2009 planning activities. The chairman must first give highlights of the status as per planning guide as his/her welcome remarks so that all members joining the online meeting are updated before the start of discussion.

  • During discussion, untoward conversation should be discouraged or prohibited to avoid disruption while deliberation is on going. Any member who wants to chat can be done their chatting outside the conference meeting room, either Yahoo! Messenger or’s Chat Box. Everyone in the room must be encouraged to be tactful in their personal opinion upon presentation of their views and ideas.

  • Discussion should not be made in haste but should give ample time for every member joining conference meeting to think and share his/her ideas related to topic/discussion. Only related topic should be entertained. Unrelated topic should be ruled out immediately, but gracefully. All opinions presented must be respected.

  • Online meeting should last at least one (1) hour duration. Every attendee must practice patience and/or he/she should standby while waiting from other attendees for their more inputs, unless he has something to present.

Others Tips and Guidelines

How to import the list of email addresses into your Yahoo! Contacts:-

  1. Save first the attached email list in your computer file directory.
  2. Log on to your Yahoo! Mail, then go “Mail Contact”, as shown below.
  3. Find for “Sync – Import/Export Options” application.

Yahoo%20Contacts%20Icon1.JPGImage Enlarger


  1. After you pressed “Sync – Import/Export Options”, and the image prompting you;

Yahoo%20Contacts%20Icon2.JPGImage Enlarger

  1. Browse the list of email you saved from your file and click import. Bingo!

How to organize your Yahoo! Messenger (YM) List:-

  1. First, log on to your Yahoo! Messenger;
  2. Go to Menu Bar. Then, look and click Contacts as shown below;

Organized%20Messenger%20List.JPGImage EnlargerOrganized%

  1. Then, look for from the drop down “Organize Messenger List” as shown in the picture above. Either you can create a category and/or move their messenger ID’s into category already existing in your YM.
  2. Also, you can add a Contact and YM ID of the person you wish to add in your Contacts. Always save. Please note that every time you are adding “names”, the system will send an invitation to the person you either to accept or deny your invitation.

How to have a YM Conference Meeting and invite member to join you:-

  1. First, log on to your Yahoo! Messenger;
  2. After your logged on, go to Menu Bar, find “Action”, as shown below;

YM%20Conference%20Meeting1.JPGImage Enlarger

  1. Then, you can start adding and inviting persons you want to join in the conference meeting by pressing “invite”.

YM%20Conference%20Meeting2.JPGImage Enlarger



Personal Note:

I believe and hope that having these procedures and tips will help Saha-2009 and the EXCOM to have more organized and fruitful online conference meeting in the future by implement and following this procedure. God Bless Saha-2009! Merwin F. MosqueraBatch ‘80

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