Bunsuran Caravan: In Sibale, the opposition has become obdurate

SB member Rey Feudo, a staunch Cipriano ally, has reported that the SB has been blocking every legislative proposal of the administration. “They do this without compunction, logic, or plausible reason,” he said.

A red-hot issue at the SB is Sibale’s Annual Investment Plan, or AIP, which enumerates the administration’s programs and projects to be funded out of the municipal development fund. As a spending measure, the AIP needs SB approval. SB member Feudo says the 2011 AIP is languishing in the SB because the majority is opposing its passage every step of the way.


What should Cipriano and his allies do?

If I were him, I will bring the case directly to the people by making public the obstructionist and obstinate ways of the opposition.

via Bunsuran Caravan: In Sibale, the opposition has become obdurate.

“Politics is not a matter of ruling over the people or of exercising power. Politics is performance of service to people, contributing to the welfare of the people.” – Vellupillai Pirapakaran

“Politics is the art of postponing decisions until they are no longer relevant.” – Henri Q


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2 Responses to “Bunsuran Caravan: In Sibale, the opposition has become obdurate”

  1. nice says:

    masyado’t uga ka sibale it kato….maswerte pa gihapon dahil ingga’t bag-ong hardinero nak matiyagang nagbunyag kada nagbuskar kag mga nagyadong nak pag-uswag…uya nahuman it miske si-o dahil sa pansariling interes..pero asing nahuman ngasing….pagkarako ka namukyatang pag-uswag it sibale tuna it kag ng ingkor si mayor Boyet…..sa tanang nagbubutong sa ida pababa…basi pang inro makita ka mga kaaduhang ida ing raya sa ato banwa…kesa it kato nak puro gis-ak ka karsada!!!!

  2. nice says:

    sa huna-hunang matin-aw
    indi ka mauhaw
    paunoy pag-uswag ka perming ukaw

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