SAHA Website (Announcement)


We’re happy to announce that the website of Sibale Academy Alumni Association (SAAA) is now online, designed to serve and support the upcoming first grand event to be held on April 11 – 13 at Sibale Academy.

We invite everyone to visit:

Of course, we welcome any suggestions, articles and materials that you may think good to include in the site such as souvenir program, newsletters, pictures, etc., just email them to Bon Labora @

“Thank you!”



Posted by under Special Events. Posted on January 8, 2009. Modified on March 22, 2009 .

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10 Responses to “SAHA Website (Announcement)”

  1. jhunille says:

    musta s mga class 2002\2003 badariy kmo it contribution tig 1000 k uso sa2.taw-an kang ralf kag 1000.

  2. Nonoy Rafols says:

    I would like to commend those people behind the creation of the SAAA website. Your names should appear in the website. You should be proud of your accomplishment. Creating such fantastic website take knowledge, courage and innovations aside from the time and treasures you put into it. It’s not easy to come up who an amazing graphic design. Are you writing the history of Sibale Academy or the Alumni association? Your history in the website should reflect about the alumni association. If you are writing the history of Sibale Academy, you need to have a separate navigation bar About Sibale Acdemy. Your history should reflect the facts and figures of how the Academy was founded, the stockholders and the Lusitro Land where the property is sitting. Is the academy leasing on it or the property was donated? The groundbreaking date, is it 1959(?), the first graduates, was it 1964(?), and many facts and figures that should be incorporated in the history. The yearbooks should contain some historical information. There are known families that were inolved in the establishment of Sibale Academy in the beginning and some are still living. You can interview them to contribute. The Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) is another source. Congratulations and best wishes to your new website.

  3. asi mga tga sibale.mgkausa kitang tanan…

  4. asi magkausa kamong tanan raha sa sibale..adong pirming masadya ktang taga sibale….

  5. asi kamusta sa tanang taga sibale.

  6. sa tanang taga molo. ka ato tona it balik molo ay april 14 nak gabi,

  7. boy_maldi_2 says:

    atan , nag usap kami ni maloy agtoa ra tong ak rohang manghjor sa canosa pag mag meetting kamo…..cynthia ag sally pangutan a yang c aileen adong makakaattend it meetting nak last meettingiy kuno kato salamat…ag e reserbay ako it limang t-shert.jejeje……

  8. Merwin says:

    To All Sibale Academy Graduates,

    Please be advised that SAAA placed a newspaper advertisement at People’s Journal and it is scheduled to be released this coming Sunday, March 22, 2009.

    We encourage everyone to get/buy your copy, and kindly help us DISSEMINATE, BROADCAST, ANNOUNCE, SPREAD, CIRCULATE, PROPAGATE, DISTRIBUTE and EMAIL the information to all Sibale Academy graduates that we can be able to REACH OUT and CONNECT.

    Tell them it’s OUR CELEBRATION of the 45th Year Anniversary of our beloved Alma Mater, and our thanksgiving to the One who is most worthy of praise, our ALMIGHTY GOD!


    Very truly yours,

    For SAAA Alumni Affairs:

    Merwin F. Mosquera
    Class Batch ’81

  9. lyn says:

    mak wil u pls, send me an email at, tnx……kelan nag pla uwi mu..regards nlng s mga tga sibale jan..

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