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Neneth H. AntonioNeneth, the youngest in the brood of 10 siblings, was born on March 18, 1973 in Poblacion, Concepcion, Romblon. Her parents, Diosing V. Holgado and Sally S. Holgado, simply earn their living through sewing of garments, music sound system for rental especially during town fiestas, in addition to a handful income being received during harvest time from a small piece of coconut plantation her parents toiled in the island of Sibale.

Neneth attended elementary at Concepcion Central School and high school at Sibale Academy. During her studies, she was very consistent on her grades, always in the list of top 7. Her favorite sport is table tennis. She studied hard, knowing that education is very important. She pursued college at Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA) in Manila and earned a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management.

Right after her graduation, Neneth was employed as Loan Account Clerk at AFPSLAI, Payroll Supervisor at Robinson. Presently, she is employed at St. Dominic College Bacoor as College Secretary.

Now, Neneth is happily married with 3 kids namely Vince, 9 year old, Hans, 4 year old and Lance, 3 year old, enjoying the fruits of her labor established during her early life and studies.

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6 Responses to “Profile of Neneth Holgado Antonio”

  1. eugene says:

    nakakaguya ra ling website it sibale, puro profile it kong siong ponso pilato, asi nag paparamdam ray sa eleksyon, gulping nag hahangad mag inkor sa posisyon ay mga oya ta kwenta, it di papanasiy ra buno ng balete sa sibale dahil sa kahirapan gihapon it buhay, oya rat napupuyos sa mga nakaingkoy, nayuaw yang pag ma eleksyon ray. mahilak ra kamo sa at mga kasimanwa raha sa sibale

  2. eugene says:

    basi pang indi ma haloan it politika ng grand reunion it sibale academy, malamang ingwat ma laban raha sa eleksyon nak osa sa mga nag organize it reunion, pero magandang plano nga naman un

  3. eft says:


    whoever you are, I really admire your guts to comment such a very realistic view of what’s really happening or soon to happen in our island sibale. aya nikabayaka toto, we share the same point of view or sentiment and “thumbs up” ako sa imo. dapat talaga ka ato maisoting banwa ay magkaingwa it mga namumuno nak the true mission is to serve our kababayans and not just to have their own selfish agenda. keep holding on to your words. God bless!

  4. joel says:

    Partly, I agreed with what Eugene has written in his comments. However, I am appealing to him to use softer words in the future to consider the sensibilities of all the people viewing this site.

    Our BEAUTIFUL website is a product of patient and hardwork from dedicated sibalenhon and let’s honor their wholehearted dedication maintaining the site. I believe suggestion are welcome here, therefore positive comments can lift up the standard of this site. We will make this the best site by showing objective and positive views on whatever will appear here.

    I am expecting everybody’s support to observe POSITIVE outlook here. Let’s work together and show the world that we SIBALENHON’S ARE A CLASS OF ITS OWN.

    God bless and Happy Holy Week

  5. eugene domingo says:

    o eugene, ikaw it nakakaguya, kung sisio ma ikaw, I do not admire your guts.

    Puro profile kuno it kong siong ponso pilato. Ikaw siong Pontio Pliato ka? Ay nak asi, siong Herodes o Barabas ka imo gustong ibutang rile? Porke naka butang ka inra mga ngayan rile, naisip nimong nagpaparamdam sinra sa eleksyon? Riin ni hahalin kinang imo hangit? Kung hangit ka sa mga naka-ingkor sa posisyon nak uya mga kwenta tuyar sa imo ing siling, asing rile nimo sa post nak kali naparayana kinang imo kahangit? What made you think kinang mga tawong nasa profile list ay nagpaparamdam sa eleksyon?

    Basi pang maghangad ka sa eleksyon Eugene, sigurado ako usa kang tawong de kwenta buko tyar sa amo. Ikaw it ing hahanap it Sibale.

  6. louieMosquera says:

    Sa ako mga kasimanwa,akoy nag papasalamat sa nag human it kaling sibale online..nak aber hariin kitang lupalop ay nag kaka kinitaan kaling ato giudahon..akoy nag papasalamat gihapon sa ato bag’o nak mayor raha sa sana magkaroon ng magandang hanap buhay kaato mga hali nak uyang gador…imaw yang kali it ako mga tatabilon..siguro pag balik nako 5yrs kaato banwat sibale…

    “GOD Bless sa tanan…..

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