Pinky Labordo: A woman of faith and service

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March 16, 2010

After spearheading several fundraising and outreach projects for her younger daughters’ school, a Chinese Catholic School, Rhodora “Pinky” Fabreag Labordo felt so fulfilled that she said “I felt that after my two terms as president of the Parent Auxiliary, I became a woman of faith and service.” It was because the beneficiaries of such projects were the less fortunate. Aside from this, her great sense of fulfillment came from the fact that her being visible in her daughters’ school activities helped built their confidence.

Pinky, a native of Concepcion, Romblon, has the support of her Chinese businessman husband with whom she has three adorable daughters aged 18, 16 and 13. Although she is hands-on as wife and mother, Pinky also gives time for her own happiness, growth, and well-being. She goes out with friends for lunch or dinner and goes to the gym regularly. Thanks to her weight trainer, bike spinning instructors and yoga teacher, she has maintained her 26-inch waistline, certainly not common for women of her age (46!).

Fashion is one of Pinky’s passions. Inspired by the late Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn and her best friend Mrs. Cathy Dacay when it comes to dressing up, she makes sure that when she steps out of the house, she is always dressed properly and well-groomed. “You never know when you’re going to meet the President so you have to be presentable all the time,” she quipped.

But with all her interest in fashion, Pinky believes that it only plays second to the face that she shows the world. Wherever, whenever and with whoever she is, she always carries a smile on her face which she believes is her best accessory. With it matched with great confidence, and positive attitude, she’s ready to conquer the world anytime.

By the way, Pinky and her daughters Denise, Steffi, and Maddi will model the latest creations of Goullee Gorospe on March 28 at the Grand Villas in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. The fashion show is entitled “Impressions and Expressions (Fashion X7).”

Ms. Pinky Labordo

Mrs. Pinky Fabreag Labordo with her father, former Councilor Willie Fabreag

Mrs. Pinky Labordo with Mr. Nicon Fameronag, Mr. Merwin Mosquera, M. Prospero 'Boy' Fabregas II and the rest of Sibale Academy Alumni Batch '80


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