Pieces & Faces of Romblon

Pieces & Faces of Romblon” are collections of photos, videos and blogsites of Romblon islands; images of our beautiful surroundings and the people that our fellow “Romblomanons” have posted on the World Wide Web (WWW), including events such as fiestas, “ati-atihan“, reunions and other special events.

Our objective is to gather them here on our site for our easy viewing and quick sharing with other people and friends.

Romblon Map

Nagliligar ka panahon pero uya pa rabuno ako nakakalibot sa bug-os nak isla it Romblon. Miskan yang baga rili sa mga kodak nak naka-hupot rili ay mamasran nako ka ida kagandahan, nupay ak nalibotiy ra gihapon ka Romblon!” – – – Merwin

For more info, please visit the Official Website of Romblon

Pieces and Faces of Romblon

“Romblon, The Marble Capital Of The Philippines”

Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon

Banton is a paradise island in the province of Romblon, comprising of seventeen (17) barangays: Balogo, Banice, Hambian, Lagang, Libtong, Nabalay, Sibay, Mainit, Nasunogan, Poblacion, Sibay, Tan-ag, Toctoc, Togbongan, Togong, Tumalum, Tungonan and Yabawon. Banton has 2 uninhabited islands known as “Dos Hermanas” which translated two sisters (La Carlota and Isabela). Please click here to check the map of Banton. To visit their website, please click the image above.

Pagrumrom sa Paghinale is an observance of the brotherhood between Bantoanons, Simaranhons and Sibalenhons, commonly known as Maghali, with the primary objective of further fostering the relationship. Read more …

Sanrokan.com is a publication of the Romblon Discussion List (RDL-CLEAR). It aims to promote the province of Romblon, its culture, people and destinations to Filipinos and other nationalities around the world. It is also a means for the people of Romblon to get in touch with each other and read about news and information from their hometowns. In so doing, it also hopes to exemplify and promote the spirit of sharing, which is what “sanrokan” essentially means. Read more …


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  1. Eugene Fajilago says:

    pagkabali ling website it sibale ngasing, pay nakaka ingganyo manrang magpauli,ak naalala kag mga kapanahunan nak balinghoy ka paning ogto ag isaw saw sa kapog nak mantika it baktin nak d asin e

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