Official Sibale Election Results

Official/Partial Sibale Election Results from COMELEC


Note: As Job Atillano pointed out in his comment below, there’s no available result from Clustered Precinct 5 (CP 5 0009A – Masudsud) in the Commision on Election’s official website. According to Mayor Lemuel Cipriano, The PCOS machine of Brgy. Masudsud failed to make electronic transmission to Comelec Central Office, but was able to print election returns bearing the number of votes of the candidates. Click here to view more of his message.


CIPRIANO, Lemuel F – 1144.


FERRIOL, Felipe F. – 1114


FAMILARAN, Jasmin F. – 1087
FIRMALAN, Monico Jr. F. – 1075
FEUDO, Rainer F. – 1000
FALCULAN, Neil M. – 969
ABAINZA, Jessie F. – 941
ATILLANO, Diosdado F. – 935
FABELLA, Merdonio Jr. F. – 912
FETESIO, Joseph S. – 909


Posted by under Sibale Elections, Sibale News. Posted on May 13, 2010. Modified on May 19, 2010 .

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4 Responses to “Official Sibale Election Results”

  1. Christian says:


    Are you sure this is the official result? I am just a bit worried, because from what I’ve heard from the comelec officials this morning, Vidal Feranculo should be among the winning councilors…

    Currently i am unable to verify this, could you please be so kind as to give some feedback on this.

    Kind Regards.

  2. Job says:

    Hi Classmate Amor,

    Comelec website is correct however, 1 Cluster Pricinct (CP 5 0009A) maybe not yet included. When we click that Cluster Pricinct CP 5 0009A, there was no results. There is a possibility that Christian inquiry was correct?


    • Amor says:

      Thanks Job, you have a keen eye for details. I didn’t notice that as I didn’t click on other links. You’re right about Christian’s inquiry.

      Anyway, I already emailed Mayor Boyet this morning, asked if he could send me the copy of the Official and Final result from Sibale mismo.

      Regards! 🙂

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