Kusog Sibalenhon Inc. (KSI) to mark its 1st Anniversary

Kusog Sibalenhon, Inc. (KSI) will mark its First Foundation Anniversary this coming November 16, 2008, with a big celebration, mainly to thank God the Almighty for guiding the Association through a successful year of helping the Sibalenhon community in Lipa City, as well as our mga kasinmanwa in Sibale.

A solitation letter initiated by its pro-active KSI chairman, Mr. Nicon F. Fameronag, is now in circulation knocking at the door of your heart for your loving donation that you can give to support their 1st anniversary celebration and their mission to our fellow kasimanwas, both in Lipa and Sibale island, and now with aims to increase food productivity in Sibale.

For further info, please read the letter below about this upcoming event to be held in Lipa City.


Posted by under Sibale News. Posted on November 6, 2008. Modified on November 9, 2008 .

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3 Responses to “Kusog Sibalenhon Inc. (KSI) to mark its 1st Anniversary”

  1. werner fetesio says:

    Sakali yaking ingga it pang bulig, pauno ag riin na pataran?

    b o y….77

  2. Lim says:

    My congratulations to Kusog Sibalenhon Inc, as you celebrate 1st year founding anniversary. Basi pang lalong maging makusog kinang inro organisasyon laloey sa pagtabang sa mga taga sibale.

  3. ninst says:

    sa tanang membro ng kusog congrats sa 1st anniversary natin biskan uya ako naka attend sa ako puso ag isipan akoy masadya dahil akoy naging member it kaling organizationg KUSOG kabay pa nak kaling org. nak kale ay lalong maga kusog pa sa mga paabutong panahon adong makabulig lalo sa ato mga sibalinhon gud lack pati sa team it kusog sa basketball…………

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