Great Pictures of Sibale’s Beaches

These great pictures of Sibale’s Beaches  were taken by Mr. Michael Zantua when he and his friends together with Mr. Randaile Fabreag Tugade visited the island last November.

Click the thumbnail to view bigger pictures. You can use the arrow keys as well as P and N keys to navigate between images. The X and Escape keys close the preview window, as does clicking anywhere outside the image.


Posted by under Video and Photo Gallery. Posted on January 16, 2010. Modified on January 16, 2010 .

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6 Responses to “Great Pictures of Sibale’s Beaches”

  1. Daisy "Fallarme" Wallenmeyer says:

    Sibale is the hometown of my father—Atty. Alfonso Perez Fallarme who is now 93 years old and living in Minnesota, USA. He always constanly reminded us how beautiful Sibale is and indeed it is a “Paradise.” He has wonderful memories of Sibale esp. his youth swimming in the crystal clear-water of the beaches where you could see the beautiful colorful reefs and boating from one island to another just to serenade women. He even joked that in Sibale “kids learn how to swim first before walking.” I’m mesmerized by the beauty of Sibale even when we used to live in Manila, Philippines and so amazed on how many people become successful and are professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, etc. ) in their field even though they were educated from this enchanted island. There must be something from the waters—the magic waters of the Pacific Ocean at Sibale.
    Hopefully, someday we could go back to this enchanted island of Sibale— Immaculada Concepcion, birthplace of my beloved Father “Tang Ponso.”
    —— Daisy May “Fallarme” Wallenmeyer
    Minnesota, USA

  2. christiantolentino says:

    anq qaqaNda tlaqa naN beAchEs sa siBaLe…..woooooo…..praNg drawiNg laN..je3x
    basi paNg pirmiNg tuyar qagaNda..


  3. eenixcy says:

    jn aq ngpapasabo,dme guzo hehe

  4. fabrero esther says:

    this is awesome!!

    miss ko na tuloy ang sibale..

    hope i could come home sooooon..

  5. marilou lalo says:

    HI! Daisy is that you? I just wonder if you are my classmate and bestfriend at th University of Santo Tomas at the dept of Medical Technology AND RESIDING AT FRISCO. Q.C. I HOPE TO HERE FROM YOU AND PLS E MAIL ME. THANK YOU AND gOD bLESS!

  6. daisy says:

    Hi Marilou!
    Of course, I remember you. I’ve been looking for you at UST BS Med. Tech’77 Alumini. There will be a BSMT ’77 reunion headed by Tong Ocampo at 2013. I couldn’t come because we’re having major changes at the Lab here in USA. I’ve been here since Dec.1985 petitioned by my Dad who is a US Citizen.
    I miss you.
    Pls. contact me at facebook: Daisy May Wallenmeyer or
    I miss you so much.
    Daisy May “Fallarme” Wallenmeyer—BS Med. Tech ’77 UST

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