Sibalenhons Around D’ Globe

We desire to see a list of all Sibalenhons around the globe in this website. Therefore, wherever you are right now and not so busy, we are inviting you to please submit your good name, city, state, country, home phone and cellphone number here. Also, if you wanted to publish a sketch of your house and work location, you may create your own “Google Map” and please send to us its link. In order for you to create your own “Google Map”, please click here. Google will require you first to sign up if you don’t have an existing account yet with Google.

Our objective is to keep every Sibalenhon who lives outside the island to be always connected and in touch with everyone, though they are physically away but their soul, mind, will and spirit are always around.

We encourage everyone whether you are in the Philippines or outside to please register as per the required information.

Thank you very much.