Sibale’s First

Atty. Alfonso P. Fallarme – First to pass the Philippine Bar
Orlalyn Fallarme Suarez-Fetesio – First Lady Lawyer
Atty. Sancho F. Ferrancullo – First Appointed Judge
Atty. Bienvenido Fallarme – First Public Defender, Santiago, Isabela

Enrique P. Fallarme – Civil Engineering
Jose F. Rafols Jr. – Industrial Engineering, M.S. Management Engineering,
Licensed Professional Engineer – State of Wisconsin, USA,
Licensed Professional Engineer in Industrial Engineering – State of California, USA.

Frederick C. Ferrancullo – Electrical Engineering (2004 10th Placer, Licensure Examination)
Floserfino F. Famarin – Electrical Engineering
Valentin Fallarme – Mechanical Engineering
Jacobo G. Fesalbon – Geodetic Engineering
Eva F. Acedera – Electronics & Communications Engineering
Gilbert Fallarme – Industrial Design Engineering
Charito F. Fornal – Agricultural Engineer – first Cocofed scholar

Larry F. Famarin – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Eva C. Fallarme – Doctor of Medicine
Elvigia F. Señorin – Doctor of Dental Medicine
Merly Famarin-Perricone – Registered Nurse, B.S.N.
Elva M. Famarin – Medical Technologist
Felicitas F. Fabregas – Midwife
Daisy Fallarme Wallenmeyer – Clinical Research Scientist, University of Minnesota
Ferdinand S. Fanoga – Pharmacist
Lilian S. Fanoga-Garanchon – Radiologic Technologist

Ponciano F. Fallarme – CPA
Lucy Señorin – First Lady CPA
Jovencio Fajilan – First CPA-Lawyer
Blas F. Rafols – First to pass the CPA Board Exam in California, USA

Christopher Fesalbon – Computer Engineer – MBA
Maria Amor Sartillo-Amoroso – Computer Science

Vicente G. Fesalbon – Agriculturist, First UP Los Baños Graduate

Atty. Alfonso P. Fallarme – First to be sent by the government as a pensionado to study tariff and customs regulations
Gaudencio F. Fallarme – First Custom Collector
Irvin F. Fallarme – Master in Public Administration, UP
Novelita Señorin – First Elected Lady Mayor
Necitas Fanoga Dimaala – First Lady Treasurer
Atty. Arnulfo Fajilan – First COMELEC Registrar (Lawyer), Bongabong
Avelino S. Artiza – First Municipal Treasurer Outside of Sibale (Served as Treasurer of Roxas, Bongabong and Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro)
Antonino S. Fallarme – First and only Municipal Mayor to be elected four successive terms (16 years)
Laudelino Y. Fallarme – First to be appointed Postmaster and later served as Postmaster in Metro Manila
Atty. Eufronio Fallarme – First BIR Supervisor
Deogines Fallarme – First Scout Executive, Mountain Province
Quirico Fallarme – First Assistant Provincial Treasurer, Quirino Province
Nicon F. Fameronag – First Information Director of the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Information and Publication Service (IPS), Presidential Middle East Preparedness Committee.

Dindo Fallarme – First Ordained Roman Catholic Priest
Inday Ferrancullo – First Nun
Luis F. Fabregar – First Elect Supreme Bishop of a religious sect known as IGLESIA WATAWAT NG LAHI and Founder of the religious sect Universa Dei Ecclesia which lived only for 10 years (1936-1946)

Numeriano Fallarme – First Classroom Teacher
Arnaldo F. Fallarme – First Secondary School Principal
Edgardo L. Artiza – First Elementary School Principal and District Supervisor
Felixberto A. Ferrancullo – Mathematics, Ph.D.
Josefino Fallarme – Vocational Education
Ofelia David – Home Economics, Master in H.E.
Asuncion F. Loot – First to teach abroad

Lt. Joemarie Fallarme Firolino Torrenueva – First Philippine Military Academy Graduate
Major Alfonso P. Fallarme – First to become an Army Officer with a rank of Major
Amador F. Morris – First to become member of the Metro Manila Police Force and Awardee, “Most Outstanding Policeman” of Quezon City
Luciano F. Famatiga – First Soldier to die in defense of our country during World War II
F/Inspector Anthony Figurasin – First Fire Officer
AW Rose Ann F. Señorin – First Female Soldier, Philippine Air Force

Noel Fallarme – Concert Pianist and Organist of the famous INCOGNITO ORCHESTRA, Minnesota

Gaudencio Ferriol Fallarme – First Publisher-Editor of a provincial newspaper in the province of Romblon-Iwag it Kaanduan

Vicente Fortaleza David – First to Win International Poetry Award, One of the Best Poet 2004, by the International Library of Poetry, Maryland, USA

Benigno Mosquera – First Immigrant to the United States


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  1. isaiah f. famarin says:

    police officers
    po1 allan c. fesalbon
    po1 jonh paul p. ferrancullo
    po1 fabregas (lady police)
    po1 arcangel f. fedilicio
    po2 pascual r. fabreag
    spo1 jonh jonh feudo
    spo2 villardo Fruelda jr.
    po2 gerald c fabreag
    po1 paul c fabreag
    po1 jhon ferrancullo

    fire offecer

    fo1 merenciano fabregas jr.
    fo2 vincent c fabreag
    fire inspector figurasin

  2. isaiah f. famarin says:

    father fabella 1st ctholic priest ordained

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