Sibale DEF Goals

Sibalenhons for Agro and Human Development, Livelihood Promotion and Eco-Tourism Objectives:

To assist in the development of the Sibale Island into an eco-tourism destination. Toward this end, to pursue advocacy for the conversion of the Sibale Island into a tourist haven.

To initiate and undertake livelihood, socio-economic and agro-development programs and projects that benefits the Sibalenhons.

To serve as conduit/channel for local and foreign donations, grants and other funding sources intended for the various programs of the Foundation and as linkage to government and non-government organizations (NGO’s)

To cooperate and assist the local governments i.e. provincial, municipal and barangay) in coming up with noteworthy laws and ordinances that will redound to preserving the eco-system and a good environment of the Sibale Island.

To lobby for government support on various infrastructure and development projects for the Island of Sibale.

Sibale Development Foundation Organizer

Sibale Def Organizers

L-R Seating: Rogel Fornal, Boy Fabroa, Bong Fornal, Val Cipriano, Amy Labora Miranda, Cristina Fabregas. Standing: Boy Fabregas and Joey Fradejas


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