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A Self Man Made Sibalenhon

In a place with limited source of income, one find it hard attains his aim in life and if ever they do, it is through perseverance, determination, patience and hard work. And one who has gone through these ordeals is Atty. EUFRONIO M. FALLARME whose struggle is worthy of emulation.

Born in Sibale, he is the second son of the three children of the late Mayor Leopoldo Fallarme of Sibale and the former Felizarda Mocling of Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Orphaned at an early age, his father died when his was barely three years old. Left to take care of the three brood is his mother who has a small sari-sari store and a little coconut plantation left by his father as the source of income. As a small boy, he use to assist his mother tends their small business.

He obtained is early schooling in Sibale. He was in the grade four when the Second World War broke out. During the war, his family evacuated to their mountain hideout where they have to farm in order to survive. They subsisted mainly on corn and other root crafts.

Restless as a teenager and bored of the life in the evacuation place, he moved to Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro and stayed with his relatives. It is here where he had experienced the life of hide and seeks with the Japanese Occupation Forces. Oftentimes, he has to move from place to place going hungry in most cases in evading the marauding Japanese soldiers looking for the guerillas.

He was in Pinamalayan when the liberation forces arrived there. Within few days, the liberation forces opened the public school. He immediately enrolled in grade five. At that time the school year was then shortened to six months. So he finished grade five in six months and also his grade six. There was no vacation then and so he immediately enrolled in the first year in the high school of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy formerly the Pinamalayan Institute. He stayed there up to the second year of high school.

At the request of his mother who wanted him to be a teacher, he transferred to Mindoro High School; a public high school in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro in his third year. After graduation from high school he taught for a while in the Pinamalayan School District. His first assignment was in Banilad; then Papandayan #2 and the last is in Pagalagala.

With a quest for a higher education in mind, he stayed only for six months in the teaching job and quit. With the little amount of money saved out of his salary he ventured out to seek a better future and went to Manila to try his luck. In Manila, he stayed with relatives while looking for a job. He endured hardship that sometimes he goes hungry while hunting for a job. He oftentimes hikes instead of riding in the bus when he runs out of money. Ultimately, he found a job as a mechanic helper in a repair shop receiving P1.00 a day. Out of it he has to buy his meal and other necessities.

In the meantime, he took up evening classes in bookkeeping and stenotyping at the Gregg Business School. In a few months time, he applied for and was admitted as stock record clerk in the Philipppine Air Force at Nichols Air Base in Paranaque, Rizal. He handled the receipt and issuance of supplies and war materials to the different branches of the Philippine Air Force.

With a bigger salary, he enrolled in the college of business administration at the Far Eastern University. In his second year of college, he took up the civil service examination of ACCOUNTING CLERK given by the Bureau of Civil Service and passed it with a high grade. As a civil service eligible, he was offered a permanent job at the central office of the Bureau of Post in Manila. It was while he was working in the Bureau of Post when he finished his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Meanwhile, he received another offer from the Bureau of Internal Revenue with a higher salary of which he accepted. He started with the position of stenographer and was assigned to the Regional Office in Lipa City, Batangas. Later the regional office was transferred to San Pablo City, in Laguna. Because of his burning desire to study further, he sought transfer to the Manila office and was assigned to the regional office in Paco, Manila.

His transfer to Manila gave him an opportunity to enroll in the college of law at the University of the East. With great determination, he finished his law course and took the bar examination and passed it in 1968. After the bar exam, he also took the board examination for CUSTOMS BROKER and also the TAX RESEARCHER and passed both of them. With the number of civil service eligibilities that he posses, he was promoted successively in positions in the BIR. His last assignment was as a Supervisor at the Tax Fraud Division where he has investigated a number of tax fraud cases, which he filed in court.

In the Manila office of the BIR, he met is future wife, the former Tita Padlan, a pharmacist by profession from San Carlos City, Pangasinan. She works also as an examiner in the Bureau of Internal Revenue. They were married in 1963 and had five children with only one daughter.

In 1984, the family immigrated to the United States and is now residing in Seattle, Washington. He worked as a Fiscal Technician III at the Harborview Medical Center while his wife works at the billing department of University of Washington Hospital.

His eldest son who graduated with a degree of BA Math at the University of Washington works in an Insurance Company. His second son Gilbert who finished Industrial Design formerly worked with BOEING in Seattle. He was, however, offered a better job at the BMW Car Company and now assigned in the main factory office in South Carolina as one of the three high ranking officer of the company.

His daughter Judy Ann who is a graduate of BBA works at the King County while the fourth son Ronald, a graduate of BS Biology is connected with the USA Air Force in the medical evacuation unit. His youngest son Sherwin is a graduate of International Business and has has his own private business.

Atty. Fallarme is listed in “Sibale’s First” in the field of Public Administration. He has just retired from work and is now enjoying his retirement life. From time to time he goes back to the Philippines to visit his birthplace and relatives.

For he believes in what the famous tagalog poet, Francisco Balagtas said: “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paruruonan .” Translated in English: (He who does not look back from where he comes from could not reach his destination).

He likewise believes in the saying that: “There is no place like home.” And he recalls the days when he was studying in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. He would stroll the sandy beach of Pinamalayan in the afternoon after classes gazing at the near yet so far island of Sibale.

To assuage his loneliness and longings to be home, he would silently sing the song entitled:


I can see the lights of home
Shining brightly o’er the foam
Beacons to me while I roam
Away from lights of home

I can see somebody there
Loving eyes with silver hair
I can see her kneel and pray
Beneath the lights of home

In the little old sleepy town
Nothing happens when the sun goes down
Not a thing but when the moon beams
Roam around in the starry home.

In the chance of time for me
Let me leave my memory
Once again I longed to be
Beneath the lights of Home

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