Nutrition, Health & Heart Disease

(Excerpted from Health-Heart Organization’s Website)

TABLE of CONTENT for Nutrition, Health & Heart Disease; Cause & prevention

  1. Home Page … intro, omega-3, cholesterol, summary chart
  2. Simple page … all in one page with supplement “apple”
  3. Français … summary page in French
  4. Good Foods … table with the good stuff Note: the ‘cholesterol summary’ is a separate item here: 
  5. Bad Foods … table with the bad stuff, Crisco to Fries 
  6. Vitamins + … table with nutrients; vitamins, minerals
  7. Books & Links… books & sites; from Atkins to Hershey’s
  8. Diabetes & Weight Control perspective and solutions
  9. Where -sources of vitamins which vitamin to buy & where
  10. Why arteries fail controlling the corrosives
  11. Causes and … more on causes of heart disease
  12. … TIPS, PERSPECTIVES, thanks; 31 COMMENTS:
    1. omega-3’s, ISSFAL fat table, fish, canola, baby, oil change
    2. vitamin c, the best trial, the cheapest prevention
    3. magnificent multi
    4. less cancer with folic acid
    5. money saved with a multivitamin
    6. vitamin industry deception and lobby group
    7. impotence
    8. less heart disease with alcohol, multivitamin and folic acid
    9. imagine and a teaser
    10. more studies needed … and homocysteine’s McCully
    11. homocysteine, Alzheimer’s, health & betaine
    12. heart attack
    13. first, nutrition; people don’t change
    14. selenium and cancer
    15. dog food
    16. food pyramid change and the multivitamin
    17. underdose, overdose, Crest, and real drug dangers
    18. Aspirin and the COX pain killers, pros & cons
    19. nutrient modification and fortification
    20. vitamins are cheaper than drugs
    21. ‘Cholesterol Pills’, Lipitor, money & bad science. Separate: PDF or html
    22. blood pressure
    23. the American Heart Association and Frosted Flakes
    24. liver and eggs and Adelle Davis
    25. the rise and fall of fatal heart disease
    26. carrots, carotenoids, eyes and prostate
    27. bone loss: eat bone … and …
    28. cartilage loss: eat cartilage, and more
    29. tropical oils are good, trans fats are bad
    30. omega-3, the double whammy of hydrogenation
    31. Eddie’s muesli
  13. Author … a little about the main person behind

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