Search for Miss Tourism Concepcion (Sibale) 2010

Here are the Nine Candidates for the The Search for Miss Tourism Concepcion (Sibale) 2010

Fria Mae Ferrancullo Faz
Fria Mae Ferrancullo Faz (Bakhawan)

Charmaigne Federico Ferrolino
Charmaigne Federico Ferolino (Masadya)

Carmina Fajilago Villaruel
Carmina Fajilago Villaruel (Calabasahan)

Kristine Joy Mazo Fedelicio
Kristine Joy Mazo Fedelicio (Sampong)

Rose Jane Ola Paz
Rose Jane Ola Paz (San Pedro)

Morena Faigmani Fornal
Morena Faigmani Fornal (Dalajican)

Arlene Fajutagana Macalalad
Arlene Fajutagana Macalalad (Poblacion)

Odessa Faigmani Parto
Odessa Faigmani Parto (San Vicente)

Evangeline Fabellon Fortes
Evangeline Fabellon Fortes (Masudsud)

The 9 Contestants with the Organizers, Sponsors and Mayor Lemuel “Boyet” Cipriano

Major Prizes for 3 Winners

  • 4 year College Scholarship
    (Sponsored By:Innovative College Bongabon, Or.Mindoro)
  • Miss Tourism Concepcion (Sibale) 2010 Php 10,000.00
    (By: Gov. Lolong Firmalo)
  • 1st Runner-up Php 7,000.00
    (By:Cris and Flora Holgado)
  • 2nd runner-up Php 5,000.00
    (By: Mr. Won of Won Dive Resort, Quibrada Concepcion, Romblon)
  • Survivors Php 2,000.00 each
    (Looking for sponsors)

Non-cash prizes await the winners and survivors.

Source: Dr. Carlyn Cipriano


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3 Responses to “Search for Miss Tourism Concepcion (Sibale) 2010”

  1. Badsector says:

    congrats s lahat ng organizers and sponsors of this event…mabuhay taung mga sibalenhon’s….sana s pamamagitan nito magkaisa taung lahat para sa ikakaunlad ng ating munting bayan…

  2. Noe Rafols says:

    Congratulations to all. The activity I appreciate most is #9-Tree/ Mangrove(Pedape) Planting. For this I am sending my Contribution. I would like to see the Batariya shore lined and protected by ‘Pedape’ Trees. Not only protected from erosion but also will attract fish to gather under its shade. And where there are small fishes, bigger fishes are nearby. Actualy line Fishing is one activity a Tourist love to do. Let us make fish so abundant that we can joke to our friends that in Sibale there’s so much fish that you have to separate them to be able to put the hook in the water.
    Not only in Batariya shoreline but hope to see the whole Sibale shoreline green with Pedape. Pedape seedlings are easy to plant. Just thust it in the mud and it will grow. The mangroves in Felisa, where CNHS is a beauty, I think. Let’s make Sibale more beautiful. Mabuhay!

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