Message from Mayor Lemuel Cipriano

The incumbent Mayor of Concepcion (Sibale) Mayor Boyetis very thankful to the great people of Sibale for re-electing him together with his Vice-Mayor Pepe Ferriol. Last Sunday evening, the Municipal Board of Canvassers, headed by Ms. Brenda Lee Fabula, Election Officer proclaimed the winning Mayor and Vice-Mayor only.

The proclamation of winning SB Members was held in abeyance due to technical problems that arises involving the PCOS machine of Brgy. Masudsud. The machine failed to make electronic transmission to Comelec Central Office, the final step the machine should do its last function. Luckily, before the malfunction, the PCOS machine was able to print election returns bearing the number of votes of the candidates.

What has been posted in Sibale Online website were election returns covering 8 barangays only! Once the returns of Masudsud is included, there will be changes in the ranking, affecting number 4 to number 9. In the posted result, the name of SB Vidal Ferrancullo is not included, instead the name of SB bet Mardonio Fabella JR. appears.

However, if the results from Masusud will be added, the name of SB Vidal Ferreancullo will emerge as number 8 dislodging SB bet Merdonio Fabella Jr. to number 9 with a margin of 5 votes.

The proclamation cannot be done because the process was not completed, thus the matter was elevated to the Comelec Central Office to resolve the issue. An en banc Resolution is now expected to be issued ordering the Municipal Board of Canvassers to resort to manual canvassing based on the printed election results of Masudsud and of course to proclaim the winning SB Members.



Posted by under Sibale Elections, Sibale News. Posted on May 19, 2010. Modified on May 19, 2010 .

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  1. Joan Fallarme Fabreag says:

    i believe u r worthy of the Sibalenhon’s trust and won’t disappoint it’s people. kodus to ur being a public servant!

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