Masudsud Beach Wall Damaged!

Non-stop rain has caused flash flooding in Sibale on October 2010, damaging Masudsud’s Beach Wall.

From masudsud beach wall damaged! ..rising seawater..pounding waves!, posted by Lemuel ‘boyet’ Cipriano on 1/01/2011 (34 items)

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One Response to “Masudsud Beach Wall Damaged!”

  1. Noe Rafols says:

    To All Sibalenhons,
    When Nature dies, Humans too will disappear, an American indian once said. Let’s give to Nature the respect it so much deserve. Don’t cut the trees, because its roots not only holds the soil from sliding downhill, but also maintains higher the water level. Let’s PLANT MORE trees in the whole Island, example; Pedapes at the shorelines. Don’t quarrel with the river, stream or sapa. Do not block its choosen way. Choose wisely the location to build a house. Always remember: Nature cares for us only when we care for Nature. If we do not, in the end Nature will avenged. When it happens, we have only ourselves to blame. That is, if we survive the tragedy. Mabuhay ka Sibale!!

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