How to Reach Sibale

Traveling to Sibale Island is no fun but the end result is priceless. Allow a day of travel from the City of Manila to Sibale which includes stops at various locations plus unexpected circumstances that may occur on the way.

Our trip to the island starts in a designated bus depot in Manila..

The bus normally starts early in the morning and passes through the various cities on the way with Batangas City pier as the final destination.

Other option from Manila is to travel by private car. When it reaches Batangas City pier cars and people are loaded in a Ferry Boat.

From Batangas City the Ferry Boat crosses the channel to the City of Calapan, Mindoro Oriental.

Cars are driven out of the Ferry and travels inland to the town of Pinamalayan, for almost two hours. Others will take a bus or rent a private transportation to Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, which is located on the other side of Mindoro Island.

Upon reaching Pinamalayan, those who have private cars parked them in relatives or friends place. Those who took the bus or rented car proceed to the waiting pump boat.

From the town of Pinamalayan, pump boat is the current means of transportation. During travel passengers enjoy the view of vast sea and Sibale Island. The pump boat enters Concepcion Bay and dock on the pier where passengers disembarked.


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5 Responses to “How to Reach Sibale”

  1. Ryan says:

    Hello. How many hours approximately would the trip take from Batangas to Sibale (through Calapan)? Is there a daily trip from Calapan to Sibale? Thanks.

  2. Limuel F. Ferriol says:

    Hello everyone!

    This is an additional information on “how to reach Sibale” (as posted by uncle Nonoy Rafols) and also to answer the questions of Ryan. It will take 2-3 hours of an ordinary ferry from batangas pier to calapan depending on weather conditions. If the vacationer is hurrying up to reach Sibale, she or he can ride on a fast craft that only takes 45 minutes to one hour trip to Calapan and vise versa. There is a daily trip from Batangas to Calapan and from Calapan to Pinamalayan and from Pinamalayan to Sibale but this is again depending on weather conditions. So, in my own openion it took seven hours from Batangas pier to Sibale (if the trip is non-stop), but of course we do have to spend time shopping for “patabo and for the basic needs” that are not readily available in Sibale.

    Again, happy trip to all specially this coming grand alumni home-coming!

  3. Ambring says:

    Sa ako pagkakaayam, ka Calapan ag ka Pinamalayan ay sakop et Mindoro Oriental. Buko nako gusto nak malito/mayaag meski sio sa inro papagto sa Sibale…

    Ayam nako nak ayam et mga taga Sibale kali, kailangan yang nak ibutang sa tama…

    -thanks for the correction, di ko napansin Occidental yaki ka naka butang

  4. how much will be the cost of the whole travel from manila to sibale? anak po ako ni willy fallarme san po ba ako pwede tumira pag pumunta po ako sa sibale.. kay auntie luz po ba?

    • Amor says:

      Estimated Cost

      Bus from Manila to Batanggas – P175.
      Terminal Fee and other Miscellaneous Fee – P60
      Batanggas to Calapan (Roro) – P170 or SuperCat – P250
      Van from Calapan to Pinamalayan – P120
      Motorboat from Pinamalayan to Sibale – P120

      P645 (Roro) or P725 (Super Cat)

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